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July 2019 Update

So, it’s been 3 months since I published anything on this blog. I decided to take a bit of a break since I had consumed too much FIRE material and wanted to focus on non-FIRE related topics.

I’m still not in a mood to write, so I will just give a brief update:

  • My portfolio had a bit of a wild ride the last few months, reaching new highs, crashing down then making new highs again
  • The trade war and other news-related cycles provided some volatility and plenty of opportunities for the focussed investor
    • On news-cycle related dips, I bought Abbvie and Siltronic. Crazy that you can generate >33% returns in less than 2 weeks
  • I over indulged in my share buying spree and my margin grew to an uncomfortable 10% of portfolio value. I had earmarked some salary payments from the remainder of the year to offset this, but also planned to sell down some positions to pay for these purchases
    • Today was the day and I closed one of my biggest and longest held positions: Walmart. Somewhat sad to part with a solid blue-chip stock that has paid great dividends and produced even greater capital gains, but part of the function of WMT was to serve as a ballast in the portfolio and act as a pseudo ‘cash’ position to be sold when better opportunities arise. It also doesn’t hurt that the WMT share price has reached a level that is perhaps a bit too rich.
  • While my main focus companies have done reasonably well so far, one that hasn’t done so well as been Ensco ESV. I’ve been averaging down and down and down into a seemingly endless money pit. Let’s see if this thing ever pays off

That’s all for this update. I’ve been meaning to write a couple of articles and will see if I manage to find the time and energy to do so soon!


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