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From dreams to diapers: what happened?

About two years ago, I had enough. Work was stressful, I’d split up with my girlfriend and I needed a break. Then I had a sudden realisation that I could just leave. I had no dependants, and was financially able to up and leave for a few years to re-charge. I toyed with the idea of moving to Shenzhen. I wanted to experience living in what was probably the fastest growing/changing city in history and observe the technology revolution while learning electronics.

What happened?

A new girlfriend and a new firstborn child.

Dreams of chilling out for a few years to follow interests and passions have been replaced by sleep deprivation, dirty diapers and figuring out how to provide for my new family.

I’m not sure what kind of mind control babies have that manage to neutralize all the negatives with a smile and laugh, but obviously its working.

Another thing I realised was lack of stability. I moved from the UK to Switzerland. While this was great from a professional and FIRE perspective I realize that, especially with Brexit, the right to live here is put into question, and therefore the foundation upon which the rest of my life is built is under question. This constant uncertainty lies in the background and makes it hard to plan with confidence. As a single person, I didn’t care, worst case, I would move back to the UK or a third country. With kids, partner and school/language considerations, options are limited.

Currently, I’m adrift. Disoriented from the rapidly changed circumstances, but also too exhausted and befuddled to chart a new course. In the distance, I see the shores of Christmas holidays and perhaps a chance to recharge, review and plan ahead.


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