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Time to roll the dice!

Today, I received a notification on my smartphone. As a rather boring person, this was not a reminder to go to a party or some other such fun thing, but rather a reminder to buy shares ahead of an earnings report. I was waiting for cash to arrive and wanted to invest prior to potential positive earnings which could lead to the share price rising. The downside of investing before earnings is that if the earnings are bad, I could end up with losses.

In this case, the reminder was redundant as the shares in question were for Zynex (ZYXI) and these were the shares I mentioned in my post Temperament, patience, poker and investing.

I’d started accumulating a position last year and am currently up 93% from the early positions. My later additions are also up 37%, but of course, without the additional margin of safety, these short term gains can evaporate with a single bad earnings result.


One response to “Time to roll the dice!”

  1. Phil says:

    The results are in. The earnings report was OK, but not spectacular. There seems to be a decent runway for growth although the growth of medical reps seems very slow to me. For me, disappointing, but not bad enough to sell. The market starts to give its verdict: currently 20% down. I’d say ZYXI is fairly valued at this point.

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